Physician Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in serving our patients. To participate in our program, you must complete the following application. The credentialing process may take up to 60 days and only approved applicants will be submitted to our malpractice coverage.  No one can volunteer with us until approved by our malpractice provider, the Health Resources Services Administration of the U.S. federal government.

By becoming a physician volunteer, you agree to see patients for a pre-operative consultation, perform surgery, and provide post-operative consultation at no charge to the patient. If the patient needs an interpreter, additional diagnostic testing or imaging, these services will be provided by Surgery on Sunday.

Following this approval, you will receive a communication asking for you to indicate your availability.  Please note the need for your services is completely dictated by our patient volume and the type of care they are seeking.  General surgery cases are the most common and occur each surgery day.  Other specialties are typically not needed every month and there may be a lull in your volunteer service.

Physician Volunteer Application