General Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in serving our patients. To participate in our program, you must complete the following application. The credentialing process will take up to 30 days as our Credentialing Committee meets once a month to approve applicants. Only those applicants approved will be submitted to our malpractice insurance.  No one can volunteer with us until approved by our malpractice provider, the Federal Government through the FTCA. Per our policy, non-clinical volunteers must also be covered by our malpractice insurance.

Surgery day volunteer opportunities for non-clinical individuals are limited, however, we always have needs for special projects and events. We understand everyone would like to volunteer on a surgery day and we try our best to rotate to give everyone a chance to experience a surgery day.

Once you have been approved, you will receive an email that you have been added to our communication system. From that point, you will start receiving emails detailing volunteer opportunities.

PDF icon General Volunteer Application